Stéphanie Goffaux

Psychologist FSP


English, French and Portuguese


2nd Floor
Bahnhofplatz 8,
2502 Biel


T +41 79 155 20 15


Individual and group therapy for adults, adolescents and children. There are various reasons that can lead someone to seek therapeutic follow-up: the feeling of lasting pain, the need for support to get through an ordeal, the call to transform something in their way of life, the desire to live better relationships, among other things. I offer a welcoming and judgement-free space where your anxieties and worries can be deposited.


My practice is mainly based on cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) to help you overcome issues related to autism, anxiety, developmental and language disorders, among others. I aim to provide the most tailored and personalized approach to help you and your child through whatever difficulties you might be facing.

My work with children is primarily based on games, arts, and language. I join the child in their free play to develop a relationship of trust and understanding. The child is free to express themselves in a welcoming environment. I meet regularly with the parents to evaluate the child’s progress.


Trilingual psychologist graduated in Brazil, and certified in France by the Ministry of Higher Education and in Switzerland by the Psychology Professionals Committee (PsyCo).

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