About Us

Welcome to the Center for Psychotherapy Biel

We are a group of competent professionals offering a wide array of effective, research-based therapies.

We recognize the importance of diversity, and are ourselves of different nationalities, backgrounds and speak several languages.

We work together as a team, and are well connected within Biel. We will gladly help you find the appropriate therapy to meet your needs. 

We, the therapists in the Practice, focus on the humanistic and holistic view of people. We are attuned to the fundamental individuality of each person, and constantly remain open to perceive those others in their totality.

In our therapeutic approach we center on the will and autonomy of the individual – we establish and check our goals together. The strengthening of individual’s self-healing and self-development is implicit in the goal of therapy. 

We believe growth occurs via arriving in the here and now. We therefore encourage people to be aware, by engaging their awareness and attention and allow them space to be:

“You do not need to pull the river, it flows by itself”

Behind the pain, sadness, past feelings, anger, shame or whatever the reason for the suffering may be, we always see a will to live and the strength to assert oneself. We further develop these together, by seeking and strengthening an individual’s resources. We thereby support the further development, living and expansion of an individual’s creativity, strength, and liveliness. Spiritual guidance could also be a part of this process.   

We also assume that the psychological experience is reflected in the body. Several of us work primarily via the body; others incorporate it in therapy discussions or offer exercises to increase body awareness.

Where we may encounter our own personal or therapeutic method limitations, we recognize our professional responsibility and refer the client to another person or institution.

The diverse methods, languages, and cultural backgrounds of our team keep our exchanges with one another lively. We participate in supervision, individual professional development as well as engage in personal self-experience and development. 


The Therapists of the TZBB Group Praxis agree to follow and support the basic approach, values, goals and purposes outlined in the Charta.

PSY. Biel/Bienne Team

How to contact us

If  you are interested in working with a therapist, please contact the therapist directly to interview them or set up an appointment.