Elizabeth Frei

Ph.D., Psychologue FSP


Englisch, Französisch


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Leider ist keine deutsche Übersetzung verfügbar.

I enjoy working with adults, adolescents, and couples to address «stuck points» in their lives, cope with difficult situations, and effectively use available resources. In Switzerland and the United States, I have worked with many people who experience anxiety, depression, addiction, stress, relationship problems, body image disturbance, and difficulty adjusting to life demands. I enjoy working with individuals who encounter the many difficulties associated with living in a new culture and are adjusting to the demands that this increasingly global and mobile society puts on individuals, couples, and families. I am LGBTQIA-affirming and experienced with GSRD issues.

Leider ist keine deutsche Übersetzung verfügbar.

In general, I operate from the basis of a cognitive behavioral approach, which can help you to separate​,​ understand, and have compassion for​ ​thoughts, behaviors, and emotions in an effort to help you gain greater awareness about what might be affecting your mood, relationships, and actions.

I also draw from ACT and incorporate mindfulness in order to deepen a connection to the body and to values. In session, I focus on how we can work together to generate a plan that will empower you to achieve your goals: whether in your work life or personal life.​

Leider ist keine deutsche Übersetzung verfügbar.

I received my Ph.D. and Master’s degrees from the University of Central Florida and my Bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida. I completed my ​internship and ​postdoctoral training at the University of Wisconsin-Madison,​ ​School of Medicine and Public Health. I am licensed to practice as a psychologist by the state of Wisconsin (#2995-57). I am ​also ​recognized as a psychologist by the Federation of Swiss Psychologists.

Although I do not practice in French, I can speak and write in French in order to coordinate care with other providers or with others involved in the process of therapy.

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